Guided tours of the Grand Hazier estate in Sainte Suzanne, Reunion Island

Located in the middle of an authentic creole property, the Grand Hazier property in Ste Suzanne, La Vanilleraie comes from the collaboration of passionate vanilla producers and the estate owners: the Chassagne’s.

Settled in a former stable from 1897, La Vanilleraie offers visitors an outline of the great story of the Bourbon vanilla in Reunion in a unique historic framework. La Vanilleraie is located in Sainte Suzanne, 10 minutes away from Rolland Garros airport. This borough is the cradle of vanilla cultivation in Reunion. Indeed, the first vanilla plants from Mexico were implanted in the original Grand Hazier estates, at the place called Belle Eau. It is also in Sainte Suzanne, his hometown, that the young slave Edmond Albius discovered the vanilla fertilization method.      


The aim of La Vanilleraie is to revive a good artisanal vanilla production. This objective first involves the selection of the best vanilla producers from Reunion Island. Implanted in really distinct soils, our 40 producers attentively cultivate with passion this delicate orchid. Once collected at an optimal stage of maturity, green vanilla beans, full of aroma, are left to the care of our assistant with 25 years of experience in this field behind him. Thanks to the special and meticulous care he brings to the vanilla beans during the slow process of preparation and aromatic maturation, vanilla is at its best.

The Vanilleraie stays faithful to tradition while being future-oriented, as illustrates its work of variety selection and search studies on local products, in collaboration with the university of Reunion and the CIRAD (Agronomic studies for development international center). La Vanilleraie restores the importance of vanilla from Reunion and contributes to maintain its worldwide reputation through the awards given, in particular at Paris Agricultural Show (silver medals in 2008, 2010 and 2012, gold medal in 2011