La Vanilleraie in 'Les p'tits plats de Babette'

The concept of transmission

But what smells so good in the Babette's kitchen ? Colombo of chicken? A scorched beef? Not only !

Because Babette, the Queen of Creole cuisine, is also an expert in all the land, whether Norman or South Vietnamese Auvergne! Along with his partner and apprentice Emmanuel Maubert, it offers a culinary journey each issue - the market up furnaces - dusted as instructive as tasty headings (diet, history of products ...).

This season, the bubbly Guadeloupe sharpens his skills, his humor, his banter - legendary - and culinary knowledge without limits to captivate, to salivate and share !

Episode 37: Babette in Reunion (4/4)

Zoom on the Piton Maido, in the heights of La Réunion. Babette and Manu continued their tour of the island and discover the beach of Saint-Leu, one of the best Reunion surf spots. They then go to the market of Saint-Leu to shop local products. They visit a vanilla plantation, the Domaine du Grand Hazier where grows the best vanilla in the world. The recipe is a dorado dolphin fish with spicy sauce and vanilla Reunion Cantonese rice and tasting done with Bertrand Come, director of the vanilla plantation.